Sunday, February 05, 2006

The pessimistic view

Daniel Schwammenthal is pessimistic about Europe's chances in the ongoing conflict against Islamofascism.

The Islamists demand no less than absolute supremacy for their religion--and not only in the Muslim world but wherever Muslims may happen to reside. That's why they see no hypocrisy in their demand for "respect" for Islam while the simple display of a cross or a Star of David in Saudi Arabia is illegal. Infidels simply don't have the same rights.

The murder in 2004 of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Muslim fundamentalist in Amsterdam demonstrated the kind of risks critics of Islam are exposed to these days--even in Europe. Fundamentalists can find good cover--and followers--among the millions of Muslim immigrants on the Continent. Jyllands-Posten decided to publish the cartoons after complaints from an author that he could not find an illustrator who dared to draw images of Muhammad for his book. It was this atmosphere of fear and intimidation that the newspaper wanted to highlight. The Muslim reaction to these pictures only confirmed how relevant the topic is.

Using their combined economic muscle, death threats and street protests, a combination of state and nonstate actors are slowly exporting to Europe the Middle East's repressive system. What Jyllands-Posten's editors are enduring is not unlike what dissidents under communism had to go through.

Unfortunately, the European governments have failed in not standing up for freedom of speech.
But what really sealed the Danes' fate--and possibly Europe's--was the lack of solidarity from other governments. The European Union likes to call "emergency meetings" for the most trivial topics, from farm subsidies to VAT rates. But when one of their smallest members came under attack for nothing else than being a European country, for defending the values and norms the EU is based on, there was nothing but silence from Europe's capitals. That silence has been heard and understood in the Muslim world.
That means there will be worse to come, and the Islamofascists will become even more aggresive in forcing their totalitarian religion upon everyone else. But even if the government officials continue to be cowards, and quislings like Bill Clinton continue to take the side of the Islamofascists, there will come a point where the people of the West say "enough!" and put into power governments who will rise to the defense of Western freedom. Muslims should keep that in mind, especially those Muslims who are fortunate enough to live in the West and benefit from its freedoms.


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