Saturday, January 14, 2006

Will Martin stay or will he go?

It may be a moot question.

MONTREAL -- According to Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe, Prime Minister Paul Martin's riding of Lasalle-Emard in southwest Montreal could be a much closer race than expected.

Campaigning on behalf of Lasalle-Emard candidate May Chiu, Duceppe told reporters that much has changed since the 2004 elections, when Martin won the riding by a margin of 25, 806 to 14,001 votes.

Duceppe added that May Chiu's campaign, which emphasizes social issues such as affordable housing, is receiving strong support in the area.

Yeah yeah it's probably just a Bloc pipe-dream, but admit it, the thought made you smile.

UPDATE: The Globe & Mail is also writing on this:
"It's a tight race. I've seen the numbers," Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe told a supporter at the end of a campaign event Saturday.

Mr. Duceppe said he has witnessed developments in the past week that has convinced of the Bloc's chances of making major inroads in many Liberal strongholds. Public opinion polls have identified a major shift in support from the Liberals to the Conservatives in Quebec, splitting the federalist vote in favour of the sovereignist candidates.

"I can tell you there have been developments where we concede absolutely nothing," Mr. Duceppe told reporters. "When you look at the polls there is some development. It's a three-way race."


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