Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Turning judges into dictators

Civitatensis has an excellent look at what Paul Martin wishes to inflict upon Canada:

The Charter, for Liberals, has largely become an abstraction to be defended, elevated beyond the very rights of the flesh and bones Canadians whom the Charter itself is supposed to protect. But even the Charter could not be protected against a rogue Court without Notwithstanding. Paul Martin has effectively surrendered before millions of Canadians Parliament’s ability to defend the rights of commoners –and to defend the Charter itself from a rogue Court. That is what Paul Martin accomplished last night. It’s a betrayal of the institutions, it’s a betrayal of the tradition, and it’s a betrayal of Canadians.

Dante' says that this is merely an attempt to "change the channel".

Angry focuses in on Harper's pledge to protect property rights: "the real news".


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