Monday, January 09, 2006

Tory momentum continues

If this poll reported in the Globe & Mail has any basis in fact, then a solid performance in the debates tonight and tomorrow should leave the Conservatives in the position of being able to bring it home with a careful, mistake-free campaign for the remainder.

Stephen Harper's Conservatives have opened up an eight-percentage-point advantage over the Liberals, the biggest gap of the campaign going into tonight's crucial debate, a new poll shows.

The survey, conducted for The Globe and Mail and CTV News by the Strategic Counsel, also shows that voters believe the Conservatives hold values that are closest to theirs, a turnaround from the first week of the campaign when Canadians identified more closely with Liberal values.

"This is huge," said Allan Gregg, chairman of the Strategic Counsel. "This really does show . . . that by virtue of the kind of campaign they've run, an issues-based, measured, moderate campaign, they have slowly convinced the population that they are not kind of offside the mainstream of Canada.

Leaving the numbers aside, that phrase about voters believing that the Conservatives hold values closest to theirs is gold. Again, if this poll has any accuracy, it indicates that the Tories have turned a most significant corner toward long-term success.

The poll finds that 37 per cent of Canadians would vote for the Conservatives if an election were held today, ahead of the Liberals, who are at 29 per cent. The NDP is supported by 15 per cent of voters, while the Bloc Québécois has the backing of 13 per cent.

Get ready for Liberal smear in a big way.

UPDATE: Dissonance & disrespect comments on the poll with an incsive warning against timidity.

Kerplonka says "stay focussed".

Angry says to watch out for Operation Scratch The Buick.

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