Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Toronto Star endorses Liberals (Shocka!)

Demonstrating once again that corruption is an accepted part of left wing ideology, The Toronto Pravda has editorialised its support for the Liberals.

But on a wide range of issues about which the Star cares deeply, the Liberal vision and program come out ahead. And Martin himself has gotten a lot right since the June 2004 election, even hobbled by a minority.

Those "issues" include continued gouging of the taxpayer, an ever more intrusive and "activist" central government, not letting parents make their own decisions about childcare, continued irrelevance in international affairs, a gutted military, and more carriages on the gravy train.
Regarding Quebec, the Star says:
The Liberals remain better placed in Quebec to speak for Canada.

Sure, the party responsible for the Adscam that has so enraged Quebec will be the better ones to speak for Canada in Quebec. What planet are these socialists on? Nothing will encourage seperatism more in Quebec than re-election of the Liberal Party.
The Liberals are still stirred by the idea that Canada must strive to be not only a richer society, but also a more just and compassionate one.

Ridiculous. The Liberals have demonstrated over and over again that the only thing they are stirred by is remaining in power, and that they are perfectly willing to steal taxpayers money in order to enrich their buddies who can help them do so.

The Star has taken leave of what little senses they had.


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