Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tories will list Tamil Tigers as terrorists

The Tamil Tigers, listed as terrorists by the US, UK and Australia (amongst others), and with good reason, would also be listed as a terrorist organisation by the Tories, according to Peter Mackay.

A Conservative government would add the Tamil Tigers to Canada's list of outlawed terrorist groups, deputy leader and public safety critic Peter MacKay said yesterday.

"The short answer is yes," he said when asked by the National Post if the Tamil Tigers would be listed if the government changed on Monday. "We would list them."

The Conservative party would also act swiftly to deport accused terrorists such as alleged former Tamil Tiger fundraiser Manickavasagam Suresh.

Mr. Suresh was arrested for deportation 10 years ago, but still lives near Toronto.

"In fact, we have in our platform that there's a need to move quickly on the reduction of the backlog that is there right now for unexecuted deportation orders, including Suresh," he said.

Mr. MacKay made the comments hours before the Canadian Tamil Congress was to host an all-candidates meeting in Scarborough, home to a large concentration of Tamil-Canadians, some of whom are sympathetic to the Tigers and call Mr. Suresh a political prisoner.

But Mr. MacKay said "we draw a very distinct line between the Tamil community, who are extremely peace-loving, productive members of society, and this very small terrorist group that has been listed, as I understand it, by many of our traditional allies, including the U.S. and the U.K.
Quite a difference from the attitude of Paul Martin and the Liberals who are quite happy to raise some funds for a terrorist group if they think there's a few votes in it.

How's that for a difference of values?


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