Sunday, January 08, 2006

Svend Robinson's past thievery a bit of a problem.


Svend Robinson's past troubles with the law are derailing his bid to become MP for Vancouver Centre, a new poll suggests.

Liberal incumbent Hedy Fry, the riding's MP since 1992, is in the lead in a Mustel Group Poll commissioned by The Province.

Fry had 41 per cent support among decided voters, compared to 33 per cent for New Democrat Robinson and 19 per cent for Tony Fogarassy, the Conservative candidate. Jared Evans of the Green Party had seven per cent; four per cent cited "other" and there were seven per cent undecided.
Evi Mustel, president of the polling company, said there were striking results in answers to the question: "Why have you chosen not to vote for Svend Robinson of the NDP?"

Twenty-five per cent cited "past criminal charges" or "honesty, integrity, and character." That's far behind the 44 per cent who said they "prefer policies of the other party."

But Mustel said it's notable because answers in this area were not prompted by pollsters and "the fact that one-quarter would volunteer it as a reason shows it is significant."


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