Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A soldier rips the military-smearing Libs a new one

From CHQR 770:

I just saw a Liberal attack ad against the Conservatives on CTVs’ Mike Duffy today. I don’t know if its’ going to be released for mass viewing or if its already out there, but I feel that I had to say something because I am LIVID with RAGE! Now normally I wouldn’t care what a Liberal says because they can’t be trusted or believed about as far as you can throw the entire Liberal Party. But this ad doesn’t just attack the Conservatives, it attacks me and others like me! First of all the ad states that a Conservative Stephen Harper wants to locate soldiers in or near large population centres, ie cities. Then the ad goes on to say…. “soldiers, with GUNS, in OUR cities….. we’re not making this up!” This somehow insinuates that the Canadian Forces are armed thugs?!?!? This is where I went ballistic… I AM a Canadian soldier, living IN a large population centre ie Edmonton, and I cannot believe the audacity of the Liberals who are suggesting that I am going to be somehow a “THREAT!” to that very city I live in with my own family!?!? First of all, who are these people to confuse me for a threat, when I have VOLUNTEERED to serve my COUNRTY! To DEFEND the people and ideas of this nation, with ultimate liability, that namely being that I love my country so much I would give my LIFE for it! I have served on three overseas' missions (ordered by the Liberal government) sacrificing time away from friends and family to serve in dangerous war zones at the behest of the PEOPLE OF CANADA in support for OUR ideas of PEACE and FREEDOM for everyone! Then, to have these same Liberals insinuate that I and all other military people like me, would be a threat to the very society and cities that we live in and have chosen to defend! It boggles my mind!!! I think of all the soldiers that have been killed in the last twelve years from serving this country under a Liberal government, the under funding, always undermanned with crappy equipment that always comes too little too late, always more being asked of us, and on top of it all, we have a desperate and increasingly hysterical Liberal Party now attacking the very people that they should be getting down in their knees and begging for forgiveness! An apology to all miliatry members past and currently serving I think is what is called for right now from them! I know that this will not happen, because in the Liberals eyes, they can do no wrong (even when caught!) and they don’t need to apologize because they are the only party with so called “Canadian” values. Well, they can just kiss good-bye another 50000 votes and Anne McLellans’ riding, because it was her that got all of us moved from Calgary to Edmonton in the first place! I will now do my very best to see that the Liberal Party is wiped from existence for the utter contempt and arrogance that they have demonstrated!
Absolutely fantastic! I hope that reaction from the military gets BIG play in the media tomorrow. For other reaction, see here.

Speaking as a British immigrant to this country, I can say that I have always held the Canadian military in the highest esteem. The British people have long memories, and even though it is now 60 years since World War II, the bravery and valour of Canadian forces have earned Canada a permanent feeling of gratitude and affection from the British people. We remember (or learn), that Canada stood firmly with Britain from the outset, and that Canadian forces were second to none in professionalism and courage, driving further into Europe on D-Day than any other allied forces. The Canadian military has a well-earned pride that it deserves completely.

And so I can also say, speaking not just as an immigrant to Canada, but also as a proud Briton: shame on you, Mr. Martin! Shame on you, Liberals! Shame on you all for smearing and demeaning a fine institution with a magnificent record of spreading and defending freedom and the rule of law. Most especially, shame on you for denigrating the brave young men and women who have volunteered to continue that fine tradition, and who have suffered your years of neglect, underfunding, and irresponsible degradation of capabilities.

Liberals, even should you manage to climb out from the hole you have put yourselves into, you will remain unworthy of the men and women in the Canadian Forces, and unworthy of the Canadian people. I fervently hope that your unworthiness will be demonstrated on January 23rd.


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