Monday, January 30, 2006

The seventies: the armpit of history

Michael Barone writes a good column on the most putrid decade of the post-war period: Stuck in the 70's.

Do you ever get the feeling, while listening to the political debate, that we're stuck in the '70s? The 1970s, that is, that slum of a decade which gave us the worst popular music, the ugliest hairstyles and clothes, and the most disastrous public policies of the 20th century.
The decade in which a Republican president imposed wage and price controls, the decade when we managed to have inflation and recession -- stagflation -- at the same time. The decade when crime and welfare dependency zoomed upward. A decade when Americans saw our diplomats seized -- an act of war -- and no effective force used to free them. A decade when a president was forced to resign in disgrace and when America lost its first war.

The self-hating left loves the seventies. The decade of failure and defeat. Fortunately most of us woke up in the eighties, and left the decade of crap (and the failures of the left) behind.


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