Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Scores for the French debate

The debate started fizzy, and then went flat after the first quarter. Definitely not asinteresting as the English debate.

Jack Layton 5/10: "Yada yada....another option....blah blah". Whatever. Go away Jack, you're irrelevant.

Stephen Harper 7/10: Solid but dull. Again achieved the most important task, not screwing up. Missed opportunities to respond powerfully to Martin when Martin played the anti-American card, and blathered on about abortion when he should have nailed Martin on his Notwithstanding Clause madness. Good concluding statement touching on giving Provinces more power and say. CBC's translator assigned to Harper was totally crap.

Paul Martin 7/10: Landed no serious punches and spent much of the debate in defense. Made the mistake of saying that he has wanted to do away with the Notwithstanding Clause for a long time, even though he's the only leader to have said he would use the Clause. Also sounded ridiculous when trying to explain how removing the check on supreme court power will safeguard the rights of the people.

Gilled Duceppe 8/10: On his home turf and showed it. Effective and to the point, but should have hammered Martin on the NWS Clause madness. Focussed well on presenting himself as acting only for the interests of Quebec.

Moderator: 357/10 Complete hottie. French babes rock.


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