Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sam Bulte influence peddling follow-up

Angry In The Great White North has new information on Sarmite Bulte, entertainment industry lackey, including an email from a constituent of her riding:

I am a constituent of the Parkdale-High Park riding. I attended an all candidates debate last evening at Swansea Town Hall and thought you would be interested in the way the copyright law ethics issue was handled by Sarmite Bulte and her campaign team.

In order to divert attention away from this controversy and to preempt it from becoming an issue, the Liberal team planted a questioner in the audience to lob an accusatory question at the NDP candidate, Peggy Nash. The very first questioner, a first year university student named Jamie who works for Bulte’s campaign, accused Nash of not being concerned about copyright issues because she had no information about this subject on her website.

Sarmite Bulte’s campaign manager, throughout the course of the evening, orchestrated and choreographed the way in which Liberal plants in the audience asked questions in order to deflect attention from any topics that would be considered controversial for their candidate and to eat up time by using innocuous questions. He could be seen constantly communicating with people in the audience, signaling with his hands what they should be doing.

One questioner was finally able to ask about the ethics of attending a lunch organized by industry lobbyists. Bulte responded by calling University of Ottawa Law Professor Michael Geist’s claims about this issue “egregious” and stated that the organizers and attendees were all personal friends of hers for many years. She then invited everybody in the audience to pay $250 to attend the lunch, for which they would receive a generous tax deduction.
So that's the Liberal's idea of "debate". Pretty much the same as their ideas on democracy and ethics: go through sham motions while making a mockery of the whole thing with behind the scenes rigging and manipulation.

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