Friday, January 20, 2006

Rona Ambrose responds to Paul Martin

And she does so effectively, pointing out how he is using women as pawns to try and get votes through fear. Paul Martin obviously thinks that women are incapable of rational thought, weak-minded creatures who can be swayed with a bit hysterical fear mongering. Fortunately, there are women like Ms. Ambrose.

"I am truly troubled and disappointed in Paul Martin’s fear mongering on women’s rights – because women’s rights is a very important issue to me. Violence against women is one of the reasons I became involved in politics. Paul Martin is doing a disservice to women by using a campaign of fear and lies to scare women on issues like abortion.

“I’d like to introduce Paul Martin to some great young women who are involved in the political process, and some that aspire to be in politics one day. Their message is that they want to debate important women’s issues, but based on a campaign of facts, not a campaign of fear. I want Paul Martin to know that women are not here to be used as political pawns in this election. We – like all voters – want information and facts.

“So I am taking this opportunity to make it clear that Stephen Harper has said on many different occasions that there will be no legislation to regulate abortion under his watch. Attempts by Paul Martin to scare women on this issue are shameful.

“The Conservative Party is running a campaign of positive change. We’re offering women a choice in child care, access to skills training and post-secondary education, changes to the tax system so young women can succeed in the business world.

“So I ask Paul Martin – I know he is desperate for votes – but I ask him to stop his campaign of fear against women and to focus on facts. We all need to make politics a welcome place for women and to stop using women as political pawns. Canadians want a change in government – a change from the Liberal Party that has disrespected tax dollars and has lost the trust of Canadians."


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