Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Reaction to the election

Rick Bell, Calgary Sun: Ontario blinks
Licia Corbella, Calgary Sun: Leader thrilled with Quebec support
Paul Jackson, Calgary Sun: Darkness Lifts

Kerry Diotte, Edmonton Sun: Laurie has the last laugh
Mindelle Jacobs, Edmonton Sun: Take a deep breath, you Chicken Littles!
Paul Stanway, Edmonton Sun: Night of the living dead

Larry Cornies, London Free Press: Harper rides blue Tory wave

Greg Weston, Ottawa Sun: Derailing the big red train

Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun: Highlights and lowlights
Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun: Bittersweet victory
Linda Williamson, Toronto Sun: A win for democracy
Peter Worthington, Toronto Sun: Harper made history, Martin is history

Tom Brodbeck, Winnipeg Sun: Voters knew Grits were the scary ones

Toronto Star Editorial: Harper has a duty to govern for all
Arthur Cockfield, Toronto Star: Hopeful signs for Harper
Richard Gwyn, Toronto Star: Conservatives' changes no big deal

The Economist: Canada's new government

Mark Steyn, The Australian: A very Howardesque leader

Paul Jackson, The American Thinker: Narrow win for Canada's Conservatives


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