Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rap takes on the mafia

An Italian rap group is using its lyrics to take on the Mafia.

In a Naples suburb where the rhythm of daily life is dictated by the drug trade, one rap group is using its lyrics to fight against collective fear and the accepted idea that "might is right," an unwritten rule known here as the "law of the Camorra."

Like other rundown suburban areas of southern Italy, Scampia's social difficulties are worsened by the heavy hand of the local Mafia, which preys on the city's nearly 60,000 unemployed.

The Reclusive Antiquarian has an exclusive look at the lyrics in question, which seem to be far shorter than average.
"Dem mafiosi, dey suck
total scumbags,swineish muck
Kick mob ass, kick mob ass
Organized crime, you've had your time

There's a knockin', knockin', at the door
Could be a mafiosi whore?
Oh no please, not my knees!

Flowers may be sent to the Multo Funki General Hospital, Naples.


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