Monday, January 02, 2006

The racist left

Political leftists like to pronounce that they are "inclusive" and "progressive". Yet, often such "inclusiveness" only extends to those whose political opinions agree with their own. Once it is ascertained that a person has a differing viewpoint, all restraints are cast off, and racism, sexism, and other derogatory mechanisms are employed, well, liberally.

Take for instance this editiorial in the Wall Street Journal by Ted Hayes, entitled "Prejudice".

I am the founder and director of a unique, progressive homeless facility in downtown Los Angeles, known as the Dome Village. Yet the 35 men, women and children and their pets who call the Dome Village home are being "evicted" from privately owned property after 12 1/2 years--apparently on account of my political beliefs and activities. You see, though I am a leading homeless activist, I am also a conservative Republican and a strong supporter of President Bush.

Here's how the situation played out. Recently, I was invited to address a local Republican Women's Club; my landlord read an article in the local paper reporting on the event. Soon after, I received a notice raising the Dome Village rent from $2,500 a month to $18,330. Shocked, I inquired as to the seriousness of the change, and the property owner blurted out that the cause of our "eviction" was "because you are Republican." He said that as a Democrat, he was tired of helping me and the Dome Village. In other words, let the homeless be damned.

Such instances of racism by leftists are unfortunately common.
Michael Steele, the lieutenant governor of Maryland and a Republican candidate for the Senate, has been crudely disparaged on racial grounds. A prominent leftist Web site, for instance, depicted him as "Sambo," among other aspersions. When Condoleezza Rice was nominated as secretary of state, she faced similar treatment: editorial cartoons depicting her as a racial caricature, personalities calling her "Aunt Jemima" on liberal talk radio, and so forth. Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly, Colin Powell, Thomas Sowell and other black conservatives regularly face similar smears.
These conservatives are attacked not because of the validity or judicious consideration of their views but because those views are supposedly heterodox for American blacks.

What does this show? That while leftists may pontificate about things like inclusiveness, progressiveness, lack of prejudice etc etc, these qualities are merely tools in the advancement of their political goals, rather than desirable characteristics in their own right. This is shown by the ease and willingness of leftists to descend to racism and the like when individuals do not submit to their opinions.

This is a result of their basic ideology of collectivism, which holds that an individual's worth is determined by how useful or integrated they are in the activities and beliefs of the greater group. While a person is a part of the collective, they have value, but when an individual refuses to go along with the collective's dogmas, they lose value, and thus become fair game for racist or sexist insults and the like.

Individualism, on the other hand, recognises inherent value in individuals. Thus an individualist will always try to remember that a person's ethnic group, skin colour, gender or any other characteristics are irrelevant to their value as an individual human being and to the value of their ideas, which should be considered on thier own merits. And since a person's characteristics are irrelevant to the value of their political ideas, insults to those characteristics are also irrelevant and valueless.

Consequently, the leftists may pontificate as much as they wish on their moral superiority, but for as long as they embrace collectivism-based politics, we will continue to see their hypocrisy manifested.


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