Sunday, January 15, 2006

The power-or-nothing Liberals

Meanwhile, we are hearing that Liberal ministerial staffers are quietly floating their resumes outside government, while some of their cabinet bosses have let it be known that if the party is going down, they would rather lose their seats than spend their days in opposition purgatory.

That paragraph is from the Ottawa Sun. Consider for a moment what it means, aside from the obvious fact that the Liberals are in a whole boatload of electoral trouble.

They would rather lose their seats than be in opposition. What does that say about these Liberals? What does it tell you about their attitude?

The fact is, a healthy democracy requires a healthy opposition, to keep check on the government, to provide alternative viewpoints for consideration, to stimulate necessary debate in parliament and amongst the electorate.

The role of opposition (the "loyal opposition") is a valuable one and a necessary one. It is an important part of providing service to the country. And isn't that what all these politicians tell us is the reason they are in politics? To serve Canada? To stand on guard for Canada? A politician should be proud to be able to do this in any capacity, either in government or in opposition.

By taking the attitude that it's government power or nothing, these Liberals show their real attitude and expose the rot that has set in to the Party and that has resulted in Adscam, ITscam, and all the other scandals rocking the Party.

The Liberals are in it for themselves, and that's why they need some time in the political wilderness: to relearn the concept of service to Canada.


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