Thursday, January 12, 2006

Poll: Harper most trustworthy

Figures from a Strategic Counsel poll, from CTV:

Here are the numbers on trust (percentage-point change from Nov. 24-27 pre-election poll in brackets):

Stephen Harper: 32 per cent (+5)
Paul Martin: 25 per cent (-8)
Jack Layton: 17 per cent (-3)
Gilles Duceppe: 6 per cent (-3)
None/other: 13 per cent (+5)
DK/NA/Ref: 7 per cent (+3)

Stunningly, Quebec respondents now trust Harper (27 per cent) as much as they do Duceppe (26 per cent). These results do not include any reaction to Tuesday's French-language debate.

When it comes to overall impressions, here are the ratings in percentage points (percentage-point change from Dec. 18-20):

Gilles Duceppe: +50 (unchanged)
Jack Layton: +30 (+8)
Stephen Harper: +10 (+20)
Paul Martin: -24 (-22)

Harper now has a net favourable rating in Quebec of +6. In comparison, Martin is -60. To make things worse for Martin, three per cent of Quebec respondents look on him very favourably, while 46 per cent look on him very unfavourably.

"That's like, 'we don't even want to know you'," Tim Woolstencroft of the Strategic Counsel told on Wednesday.


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