Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pettigrew takes Haitian heat

Pettigrew is in big trouble, electorally speaking. His margin of victory in 2004 was only 468 votes. He's already had his name linked to the Options Canada scandal.

Now, he's taking heat from the Haitians.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew, in the midst of a tight election campaign, is facing an unexpected backlash from Haitian expatriates who accuse Canada of interfering in the tiny Caribbean country's internal politics.

As Haitian elections were again postponed for the umpteenth time this week, a Canadian group has taken to the streets of Montreal distributing pamphlets and broadcasting their disapproval of Pettigrew on local radio.

They are urging Canadians of Haitian origin not to vote for the governing Liberals on January 23.

An ardent supporter of Haiti, representing a multicultural and impoverished district of Montreal, Pettigrew was elected by a mere 468 votes in the last election in 2004, only one percent ahead of his closest rival, a separatist Bloc Quebecois candidate.

The district is home to some 4,400 Canadians of Haitian heritage, making it a fertile recruiting ground for his political adversaries.
Looks like Pierre may be French toast (sorry).

On an unrelated matter, this report contains the most egregious example of sentence structuring I've seen in ages:
Washington, which provided a plane to fly Aristide and his family to Pretoria, South Africa where they now live, to evade armed rebels who turned on the democratically-elected leader, accusing him of becoming a dictator, denied any arm-twisting.


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