Saturday, January 14, 2006

Paul Martin: I would use Notwithstanding Clause. No I wouldn't!

December 2003:

Prime Minister Paul Martin says he would use the Constitution's notwithstanding clause if the Supreme Court rules that churches must perform gay marriages.

"Oh, yes I would," Martin said Thursday on CBC Radio when asked whether he would use the clause.

"I would look at it if it was a question of affirming a (religious) right," he said, explaining that it would be used only under extreme circumstances.
January 2006:

Peter Mansbridge: At different times there have been many debates on the notwithstanding clause but you've never taken this position in this way.

Paul Martin: All along, I have said I would never use the notwithstanding clause and I never believed that the government should. You may remember that one of the reasons that Mr. Trudeau said that he accepted it was because he never believed a government would do it. What's happened now is the Conservatives - the Conservative justice critic Vic Toews has said he wants to use the notwithstanding clause to correct all of those errors all of those Liberal judges in the Supreme Court have made.
Paul Martin: That is right. I would never use the notwithstanding clause. All I'm really saying is if you don't believe in the notwithstanding clause, let's take that away so that a future government, and not in five or 10 or 15 years, under some kind of pressure will use it to take away the rights of Canadians. If you want to look at our history, look at our history, the times that we have done - we really have not behaved well towards minorities. The fact is that I think we owe it to future generations to protect them.

"Nassty nothwithssstanding clausssse, we mussssn't usssse it."
"Butssss we ssshould, yessssss we sssshould....the clausssse isss our preciousssss"
"Throwssss it awayssss, we ssshould, yessssssss"


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