Saturday, January 21, 2006

Paul Martin continues desperate lying and deception

And is nailed for it in this Globe & Mail article.

With only the weekend left in the campaign, Mr. Martin has tried to rev up crowds in London, Kitchener and Brampton by telling them that he is in the same position now as he was late in the game in the 2004 campaign.

"Today, we're right where we were when we were going into the final weekend of the election the last time," he said to a crowd of supporters packed into a small room in London, Ont.. "And we pulled that one out."

But on the last weekend in 2004, polls showed his Liberals just ahead of the Tories, while a new poll conducted by The Strategic Counsel and published today in The Globe and Mail found the Liberals 10 points behind Mr. Harper's Conservatives.

He also said the fact that Mr. Harper will not commit to living up to a November agreement on quality of life for aboriginals, and that Mr. Harper does not accept the science of climate change. However, Mr. Harper said in December that in fact he does accept the science of climate change.

Mr. Martin teed off on a question from a local Punjabi radio host, Amarjeet Sidhu, who joined a press conference after cheering the Liberal Leader in a rally in Brampton, Ont. He asked what Mr. Martin thinks of the fact that Mr. Harper has never traveled abroad.
"Stephen Harper hasn't left the country? I was just told that apparently he said he'd been to Mexico but he'd never left continental North America," he said, apparently forgetting [ed.: yeah right] that Mr. Harper had traveled with him on the prime ministerial jet to veterans' ceremonies in Italy, Holland, and Ireland. "Well, I find that unbelievable. It is such an opening that I don't know how to take advantage of it."

And on the Pathetically Desperate front:
Earlier, in London, Ont., Mr. Martin ridiculed his Conservative rival for cancelling his daily formal question-and-answer session with reporters covering his campaign.

He argued it shows Mr. Harper's claim to be accountable is insincere.

"Stephen Harper says he believes in open and accountable government. But now, he'll no longer make himself available to the press,"

Martin is pathetic. His hunger for power is so great that he cannot even lose with dignity. What an embarassment to Canada he is.


At 11:57 PM, Blogger Canadi-anna said...

I just keep thinking it can't happen again, but it's hard not to worry with such an accomplished liar as Martin.


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