Saturday, January 21, 2006

Paul Martin best conman: poll

Interested in a game of poker against theleaders of Canada's main political parties? According to a national survey bythe online poker website, you'd do well to be wary of PaulMartin: the majority of Canadians believe the prime minister would be the bestat bluffing his opponents, more than all the other federal leaders combined. The survey, conducted for through global market researchfirm Synovate's eNation Panel found that 54 per cent of voters believe that Paul Martin could con his way to victory in a game of poker. Conservative party leader Stephen Harper would be the next best bluffer at 22 per cent,followed by New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton at 13 per cent. BlocQuebecois party leader Gilles Duceppe has the worst poker face - only 11 percent thought he could bluff the best.

Cue jokes about craps.


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