Monday, January 09, 2006

Outright aggression

That's what a "top Liberal" source said will happen in the next few weeks if the Tories are leading in the polls, according to this report in The Hill Times.

Another top party source told The Hill Times last week that the Liberals are worried their time is running out. The source said that if the Liberals do not regain the lost ground by Wednesday, Jan. 11, they would start to sink.

"You'll see some action this week, we have no option. You might see some incidents in which we'll try to frustrate Harper. Unlike last time when [John] McCallum and Judy Sgro were given this task and they failed to deliver, this time we can't afford not to," said the source pointing out that this would be one of the tactics the Liberals would use, on top of negative ads and aggressively dissecting the Conservative Party's policy stands.

If the Conservatives are still five or six points ahead of the Liberals this week, another top Liberal confirmed the Liberals will "pull out all the stops and it will be damage control and outright aggression at that point. They're not going to leave any stone unturned."
The article also discusses what a terrible campaign Paul Martin has waged so far.

This emphasizes the need for a careful, tight campaign by the Tories for the remainder of the election. There is no longer any need to go all out to get a lead, the priority now is in ensuring a blunder free remainder so as not to lose the lead. Of course, Liberal smear must be responded to, but it should be done in a calm, objective way, with no hotheads running off at the mouth. If this is handled correctly, there is a good chance that the Liberal negativity will not only fail, but actually backfire onto them as the electorate senses desperation and sees panic generating extremism in Liberal ranks. Stephen Harper must sail above the slime being thrown, calm and statesmanlike, and that must begin when Martin goes on the attack in tonight's debate.

It's now Harper's to lose.


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