Sunday, January 08, 2006

Michael Ignatieff: too American?

An article in the Washington Post talks about Michael Ignatieff's reception in Canada.

Anti-American sentiments are so robust in Canada that you apparently don't even have to be American to feel their sting -- American-by-association will do. Take the case of Michael Ignatieff, the Toronto-born political scientist and human rights expert who spent the last couple of decades teaching at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.
When he returned to Canada late last year to run for Parliament, did he get a warm welcome home from the locals? Hardly. Ignatieff had to stand down hecklers shouting "American, American!" -- and this was at the candidate nomination meeting for his electoral district, from grass-roots members of his own Liberal Party.
The article goes on to say that Ignatieff "managed to win" the nomination, rather a strange usage of language considering that he was parachuted into his riding and the Liberals went to quite some lengths to get rid of any other challengers (see this Globe & Mail report).

Having said that, it is a shame to see opposition to Ignatieff using anti-Americanism. My personal view remains that he is the kind of candidate that the Liberal Party needs to reform itself. Of course, why the hell didn't he run for the Tories?.

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