Thursday, January 05, 2006

Memorable quote

From April 12, 2005:

Hon. Bryon Wilfert: Mr. Speaker, the fact is that Transparency International, one of the most respected organizations that deals with the issue of looking at corruption around the world, looks at 144 countries every year. Canada consistently is in the top 10, one to ten being very minimal in terms of the difference, very minuscule in the difference.

The fact is that when we talk about corruption, and I do not know whether members on the other side can spell the word, I find it offensive that people would use the word “corruption”. First of all, they should read the facts before they make those kinds of outlandish statements in this place. They have a duty to Canadians to do that. They also have a responsibility.
This reminiscent moment of Liberal arrogance, fake offense and deception brought to you by Bryon Wilfert, Liberal MP and Tamil Tiger fundraiser.


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