Wednesday, January 18, 2006

McLellan says Martin hurt her chances

You have our sympathy Anne. Not.

The comments from Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan were a further indication of disarray in the ruling Liberal Party which is trailing badly in polls ahead of the Jan. 23 elections.

McLellan said she has spent too much time defending Martin to her constituents in the western Canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta.

"It's the national campaign and they've done something they don't like and we have to respond to that and it takes time," McLellan said. "I wish I could be out there talking more positively about what we have done."

By the way, consider the outrageous examples of bias in this "news report":
The Liberals have been in power for 13 years. But Canada's Conservative Party, which would be more in line with Bush administration policies, is gaining strength.
Harper is against gay marriage and the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouses gases, and once referred to Canada as a "northern European welfare state." He also said he would reassess Canada's decision to opt out of the U.S. ballistic missile program.
Canadians have largely praised Martin for standing up to the White House on such issues as missile defense, Iraq and lumber tariffs.

That could be a press release from the Liberal Party.


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