Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lougheed "astounded" by Martin's Notwithstanding Clause madness

Peter Lougheed was one of the drafters of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms.

In this Calgary Sun column by Licia Corbella, he comments on the Notwithstanding Clause.

"We made it an essential part of the package of Constitutional change during the negotiations in 1981," said Lougheed, who was reached at his Calgary law office yesterday.

"There wouldn't be a Charter of Rights if there wasn't a notwithstanding clause," Lougheed added. "The reason we took that decision is we believed that when it comes down to it, there must be supremacy of the elected people over the supremacy of nine appointed judges."

Also pointed out in the column are "ironies":

In his attempt to paint himself as the guardian of the Charter of Rights, Martin wants to destroy the very clause that made its existence possible.

What's more, Martin, who increasingly tries to portray Harper as dangerously pro- American, wants to Americanize our Charter by giving supremacy to the courts rather than finding a balance between parliamentary and judicial supremacy.

And the final irony, of course, is Martin is the only federal leader who has ever vowed to use the notwithstanding clause.
Those aren't just ironies, they're indicators of just how crazy the Prime Minister has become.

The really scary one is Paul Martin!


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