Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Liberals the real threat to national unity

David Frum succinctly states why another win for the Liberals could spell the end for Canada:

Nothing -- nothing -- would strengthen the separatist cause more than the re-election of the Martin government. If Martin still holds power when Quebecers next vote provincially, the separatists will be free to run against Liberal corruption, Liberal perversion of democracy, and the Liberal refusal to answer such basic questions as: "Who received the improper Adscam funds?"

But if the Liberals have been defeated by English-speaking and French-speaking voters acting together, the separatists will face a much tougher problem. They will face in Ottawa a new, dynamic and honest government, fully committed to investigating and punishing wrongdoing. Electing a Conservative government would deprive Quebec separatists of their best issue. Electing a Liberal government would wrap the issue up for them and tie a bow on it.

Nor should we forget that Quebec separatism is not the only threat to Canada's unity. There is tremendous discontent in Western Canada too.

A poll commissioned by the Western Standard magazine this summer found that more than one-third of Western Canadians -- and 42% of Albertans -- agreed that the Western provinces should explore setting up their own country. A Liberal defeat would cut off the fuel that keeps that pot bubbling; yet another Liberal win would turn the bubbling into a boil.


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