Friday, January 06, 2006

Liberal strategist: please stop with the scandal stuff!

Via Politics Watch:

Liberal strategist John Duffy has adopted a new Liberal spin strategy.

On appearances on CTV Newsnet's Countdown and CBC Newsworld's Politics on Thursday, he asked spin doctors from the other parties to stop leveling corruption allegations against the Liberal party.

Party members were found to have operated a kickback scheme in the Gomery inquiry's final report, the RCMP is looking at a $4.8 million grant to a Quebec unity group and a criminal investigation has been launched into a possible leak of an announcement on income trusts.

Despite this, Duffy had this exchange with Conservative MP Jason Kenney on Politics Thursday.

Duffy: "The drive-by smearings. Where do you stop the guilt by association? This was stuff that happened eight years ago. You're using advertising that shows allegations that were dismissed by Judge Gomery. When is the guilt by association, the smearing and the unfounded attacks going to stop with you guys?"

Kenney: "As soon as the criminal investigations stop

Can we get a big evil Conservative "muahahahaha!!!!"?


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