Monday, January 16, 2006

Liberal infighting

From The Hill Times:

Liberals told The Hill Times that one of the main factors hurting their party in the current election is the infighting and the fact that future Liberal leadership candidates are not helping out in this election.

"There are these Chrétienites who are not taking any part in this election. And then leadership candidates are also watching all this in the hopes that we'll [Martinites] lose. If we lost the election, right after that, you'll hear from these [leadership candidates] calling on Martin to quit," said one Martin loyalist, who did not want to be identified, adding that a number of Chrétienites and supporters of leadership campaigns are sitting on their hands and not helping out the central campaign.

The source said that he doesn't blame those who are not helping out because Mr. Martin and his top advisers failed to reach out to other leadership candidates and especially to Mr. Chrétien after he took over as Prime Minister.

On the other hand, leadership candidates have their own interests in mind and think that the best outcome would be a Conservative minority because in that case, the Liberals would be able to get rid of Mr. Martin soon after the election and most likely win a 2007 election under a new leader.

Bob Richardson, a veteran Liberal Party player, confirmed in an interview with CHIN radio's Angelo Persichilli on Jan. 5, that many Liberals are intentionally sitting on the sidelines in this campaign.


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