Friday, January 20, 2006

Liberal candidate tells WW2 Veteran to move to the US

At small dead animals.

At an all candidates meeting in Refrew, ON. ("up the valley" from Ottawa) last night, a WW2 vet (one Mr. Tomkins) stood up and asked the Liberal candidate, Don Lindsay, what plans the Liberals had to compensate handgun owners for seizing their private property. Instead of answering the question immediately, Lindsay started by spouting Martins favorite line: "The United States is our neighbour. This is Canada. And if you want to live that lifestyle, perhaps you better move there". The crowd instantly became very vocal and started shoting at Lindsay. Imagine the nerve, the GALL of this man to TELL A WW2 VET to MOVE TO THE US!
The Liberals have no decency. They have no integrity. Their only objective is power. The Liberal Party is the greatest threat to freedom Canada has faced since this courageous veteran fought in World War 2.


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