Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Liberal all-out attack ad will damage Canada

The Liberal's last gasp can be seen here. They are amongst the most disgusting negative smear-jobs that I've seen, in both the countries that I've lived.

Particularly shocking is the blatant anti-Americanism in the Washington Times ad. Like it or not, America is Canada's biggest economic partner and most important ally. This kind of ad is going to piss off the Americans something chronic. What will this do for Canada-US relations, particularly if the Liberals manage to pull out a win? How in the hell do the Liberals expect to have a productive diplomatic relationship with the Americans, or work civilly to resolve trade disputes to the benefit of both nations, when the Liberals are churning out this blatant, visceral anti-American hatred?

This is the real face of the Liberals we are seeing: their desire for power is so great that they are willing to damage Canada's interests to hang on to it. Disgraceful.


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