Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Latest on Sarmite Bulte

Professor Michael Geist and Sarmite Bulte were interviewed on CBC Radio yesterday. Here is Professor Geist's commentary. In relation to the entertainment industry lobby sponsored fundraiser, he says:

First, she tried (unsuccessfully in my view) to distinguish between the hosting of a fundraiser and the sponsorship of a fundraiser. She argued that CRIA, CMPDA, et al are merely hosting the event, rather than sponsoring it. I don't think the argument did much for host Alan Neal as it feels like a Canadian version of "weapon of mass destruction related programs". The problem here is holding a fundraiser directly linked to industry lobby groups four days before an election. Whether sponsored or hosted, the concern remains the same.

Yes indeed, the dumb voters are supposed to think that it's OK for Ms. Bulte to have her campaign financed by entertainment industry lobby groups because hey, they're only hosting events for her. And sure, there's no chance of it influencing her actions should she win re-election because, you know, the Liberals have such a sparkling record on honesty and integrity.

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