Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ipsos Reid: Con 33%; Lib 32%

Update below

Another statistical dead heat (though this one has the Tories slightly ahead) in a survey by Ipsos Reid, as reported by Global National (via Borque) .

According to the survey, if a federal election were held tomorrow, 33 percent would cast their ballot in support of the Conservatives, up 1 point from last week.

32 percent would vote for the Liberals, down 1 point

18 per cent would vote for the NDP, that's up 2 percent.

The survey also reveals a growing level of "comfort" with the idea of a Conservative government.

Currently four in ten Canadians agree with the statement “I'd be comfortable voting for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives to form the government in the next election because we'll probably have another minority which will keep them in check” - 44 percent of Ontarians agree with this statement.

Just one-third of Canadians now agree with the statement “I'd be comfortable voting for Paul Martin and the Liberals in the next election because they will govern very differently next time due to the lessons they learned from the Gomery Inquiry”

That's down 7 percent from a week ago, when Paul Martin garnered more support.

The insider trading scandal has turned this election into a horserace, with the momentum currently in the Tories favour.

UPDATE: The National Post reports that the Conservatives are even ahead in Ontario!

In the key battleground of seat-rich Ontario, the Liberals have fallen four points to 36%, giving the Conservatives, who remained at 38%, the edge. The Liberals have won four consecutive elections largely on the strength of their popularity in Canada's most populous province.


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