Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Insider trading scandal: varying stories

An amusing piece in the Toronto Star abour the varying stories Paul Martin and Ralph Goodale are coming up with relating to the insider trading scandal.

Asked on Friday who in the Prime Minister's Office had advance knowledge of Goodale's November flip-flop, Martin said, "Well, I knew and I'm one of them." But, the PM added, he only learned about the policy change "that very day" — when Goodale announced the new plan.

Under that scenario, the PM — facing an imminent election, no less — was merely told about a significant change in his government's policy, rather than helping shape it and approving it.

Oh but wait....

For one day after Martin tried to take Goodale off the hook, the finance minister returned the favour, explaining on CTV's Question Period that Martin had not, after all, known what Goodale was going to announce.

In what Goodale described as his last chat with the PM before the about-face, Goodale recalled Martin saying, "You're the minister of finance, you make the decision and I'll support your decision, whatever it may turn out to be. And I made the decision after that conversation."

Um...maybe not....

On Monday, Martin came to Goodale's needless rescue once again. Turns out Martin did know, after all, that Goodale was going to pacify the retirees — and the Grits' Bay Street donors.

"What happened," Martin said in Ottawa, is that the finance minister told the PM what Goodale was "leaning towards" doing. "So, I quite well knew which way he was going." And was presumably okay with it, or, if not, deferred to his subordinate anyway. Or Martin aide Scott Reid, of popcorn and beer renown, and wearing an excellent disguise, was spelling for the PM that day.

So Martin knew in a not-actually-knowing-but-supportive-of-the-way-Goodale-was-leaning kind of way.

But wait a minute, what's this at CTV ?

However, Goodale appeared flustered when asked if other cabinet ministers were in the loop of his Nov. 23 announcement on income trusts.

"There where [sic] ministers that obviously were involved in the discussion because they simply had to be," he said.

Meanwhile Goodale met with the RCMP yesterday after his secretary confirmed that no such meeting had been set up.

Coming soon from Liberal HQ: an election hasn't really been called except that it has, but only on a need-to-know basis by those who are leaning towards the Liberals.

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