Wednesday, January 25, 2006

How the Liberals worked for self-defeat

Shiela Copps writes on the infighting in the Liberal party that may have cost them this election.

The untold story of this election campaign is how many Liberals were hoping their own party would go down to defeat.

But not for the reasons usually enumerated in the media. The fight between the Chretienites and Martinites was so divisive and bitter that it played out like the aftermath of an ugly divorce. Across the country, voters turned their backs on the Liberal party and it was no coincidence that some of the biggest losers were Liberals who had done it to themselves.

Meanwhile, Roy Clancy in the Calgary Sun examines how Paul Martin blew his credibility.
Paul Martin lost more than the election Monday.

He lost his dignity.

He lost the respect of the Canadian people.

And he lost the reputation he'd built over many years as a straight-shooting, no-nonsense politician who had many Canadians convinced he'd lead Canada to greater glory.


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