Friday, January 06, 2006

Harinder Takhar should resign: Toronto Star

Even the Toronto Star agrees that Takhar should resign from his post as Ontario minister of Transportation (for background see here):

Osborne, though, stopped short of calling for Takhar to pay a higher "political price," such as resignation.

But Takhar should have no such hesitation. He should do the honourable thing and tender his resignation immediately. If he refuses, Premier Dalton McGuinty should reconsider his earlier defence of Takhar and remove him from cabinet.

The Star gives a reason why McGuinty may be stonewalling:

Political considerations may well play a role in McGuinty's refusal so far to return Takhar to the backbenches. Takhar is the last cabinet minister from a 905 riding, following the resignation last October of former finance minister Greg Sorbara.

While Takhar ponders his future, he should heed the words in the preamble of the Members' Integrity Act.

One section speaks of the duty of all MPPs, including cabinet ministers, to "arrange their private affairs in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity of each member." Another points out the duty to "act with integrity and impartiality that will bear the closest scrutiny."

McGuinty is wrong to argue that the reprimand by Osborne is "significant" and enough punishment.

The people of Ontario deserve to be served by cabinet ministers who act in accordance with that preamble. That's why Takhar should resign.
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Am I reading this right? On the one hand someone is for strict gun control laws and on the other they want to appropiate money for the gun manufacturer. I know that I am old but geeee whiz..


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