Monday, January 02, 2006

Further corruption in Goodale's office?

From Stephen Taylor:

The faxes are from accounting firm Deloitte & Touche to the Ministry of Finance (Ralph Goodale's office). The faxes are to Mike Burton, a former ministerial staffer of Finance Minister Ralph Goodale. However, it appears from these faxes that Burton is also an organizer within the Saskatchewan Liberal Association.

The faxes, intended for the Minister's office detail Liberal Party donations to the riding of Regina Qu'Appelle where one assumes Burton is organizing for the Liberal Party. The faxes also describe accounting of party funds in the ridings of Prince Albert and Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre.

It's a big no-no for a ministerial budget to be used for partisan purposes and it's clear from these faxed pages that

The pages detail the business of the Saskatchewan Liberal Association.
The cover page indicates the intended destination, "Finance"
The fax number on the cover page (613) 995-XXXX indicates a House of Commons / Ministerial number.
There is not a number within the (613) 995- range that should be receiving faxes dealing with partisan business.

See the link for copies of the faxes.


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