Monday, January 23, 2006

Election night

12:13 Paul Martin concedes, and will resign the leadership of the Liberals.

11:54 And the despicable Svend Robinson fails. Good!

11:49 Olivia Chow wins, knocking off Tony Ianno. Big pickup for the NDP.

11:27 There's no doubt that this is a weaker result than Tories were hoping for. I was looking forward to at least 130 seats. It is worrying that the Libs and NDP have a combined total at least 10 seats greater than the Tories. Despite what the polls were saying, the Tories just didn't break through enough into Ontario, which remains the Liberals last major fortress.

11:12 Whoah! Duffy just said that Paul Martin may not concede tonight!

11:02 Tony Valeri is also history. The Liberals have lost some big scalps tonight.

11:01 Pierre Pettigrew goes down.

10:53 CTV calls Bulte a goner!

10:49 It's looking like quite a weak minority. Tories at 123 currently, Libs at 103; NDP 29: Bloc 50. Unfortunately the Libs and NDP combined have more than the Tories.

10:42 Anne McLellan is down by about 10% in Edmonton Centre. Looks like she's history.

10:40 Olivia Chow is now losing again to Ianno; extremely close, about 30 votes

10:36 The Globe & Mail sucks. Their live tracking isn't updating.

10:34 Sam Bulte is losing in Parkdale - High Park

10:31 Martin and Stronach are called elected by CTV. Damn!

10:24 Toronto is staying Liberal. Ignatieff has been called elected by CTV

10:23 Anne McLellan is losing in Edmonton centre

10:20 CTV proclaiming Marc Garneau defeated.

10:05 Prince Edward Island seems to have stayed pure Liberal. Disappointing.

10:00 CTV has predicted a Tory minority...LOL...sticking their necks out?

9:57 - CTV showing currently Tories leading in ridings by 80 to 69. Early days.

9:50 - Tories appear to be leading in bellweather of Peterborough.

9:35 - The first double scotch of the evening bites the dust. Oh yes, and St John's may be about to make us smile.

9:28 - By the way, Captain Ed has an interesting blog.

9:25 - Getting mixed signals from Atlantic Canada. No results can be published until 10, of course.

9:00 - An hour to go until results are available. Things are looking good for the Conservatives, and hopefully this will be a post that details the commencement of a new era in Canadian politics. Updates will be at the top of the post.


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