Monday, January 09, 2006

The debate: scores

In my view there were no clear outright winners in tonights's debate, and no outright losers either. Here are my individual scores for the combatants:

Gilles Duceppe: 8/10.
Landed some very telling blows against Martin. In addition, lured Martin into a classic trap by asking him to describe Quebec as a "nation". Martin was left wriggling and trying to cover all bases, unsuccessfully. Kept the heat up well over scandal issues.

Jack Layton: 7/10
Started well but got very repetitive. "Child care spaces, working for families, more NDP in parliament, third choice, make that choice blah blah." Also came off as a huge bastard for bitterly rejecting Harper's offer to work together.

Paul Martin: 6/10
Flailed more often than hit. Came out with an unbelievable proposal to eliminate the notwithstanding clause, effectively making Judges dictators over the Canadian people. That may be the biggest mistake of the debate. Got into a nasty spat with Duceppe that just made them both look immature. Landed a few blows with the rather predictable "Harper the evil US neocon puppet" routine.

Stephen Harper: 8/10
Did the most important task, keeping his cool and not making any serious gaffes. Wrongfooted a little over the question of whether or not the Tories will raise taxes on lower income Canadians, and didn't respond effectively. "How many criminal investigations are going on in this government?" was a very effective soundbite.

Overall, Harper did the job, and with a careful remainder of the campaign, he can bring it home.


At 10:46 PM, Blogger TrustOnlyMulder said...

I agree with your assessment 100%. Duceppe and Harper tied on this one, and Layton was weaker.

Martin could have scored a 7 or 8 as well but the notwithstanding clause remark is definately the boner of the election. I can't believe he said that!!

I guess us blue bloggers should be smiling though.

It's like after all the Christmas presents, mom and dad just gave us a brand new car to boot.


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