Saturday, January 07, 2006

CBC starts to shill for their Liberal masters

I suppose it was to be expected that when the Tories started to show a lead in the polls, the CBC would start to show their true colour (i.e. red).

On December 1st the Conservatives stated:

"We would suspend [the Liberals] future measures in order to deliver broad-based and responsible tax relief, which will ultimately save Canadians more in their taxes and will be affordable in terms of the delivery of federal services.

The immediate result of cutting the GST will be $4.5 billion back in the pockets of ordinary Canadians. When the GST cut is fully implemented, the total benefit will be much greater."

The CBC would have us believe that they have suddenly discovered a great bombshell: that the Tories will raise taxes on the poor, the bastards!

"Tory plan would scrap Liberal tax cut on low income earners" screams a headline at the CBC site.

The Conservatives say a Stephen Harper government would raise the rate on the lowest tax bracket back from 15 per cent back to 16 per cent in their first budget, probably in April. As well, the basic exemption, income on which no tax is charged, would be dropped by $400 in the same budget.

A Tory official acknowledged to CBC News that would likely mean taking back the money taxpayers are saving on their paycheques for the first four months of this year.
In fact, as the Conservative Party responded (via Conservative Life):

This evening, CBC’s The National ran a so-called “Reality Check” alleging the Conservatives would raise taxes.

This report is not just misleading; it is false:

* Taxes would be drastically lower under the Conservatives than under the Liberals.
* Our tax plan will include cuts to the GST, and large cuts to personal income taxes and business taxes.
* Under our plan, all Canadians will pay lower taxes.
* Only the Conservative plan will cut taxes for the lowest-income Canadians – the 32% of Canadians whose income is too low to pay any income tax.

Under a Conservative government, taxes will be dramatically lower – billions of dollars lower – than under the Liberals. That’s a fact. Details on our entire fiscal platform will be released along with the entire Conservative platform in the near future.

We have been upfront about replacing the Liberals’ inferior tax plan from the outset of the campaign, beginning on December 1st – Stephen Harper’s first announcement on the Conservative tax cut plan. Any attempt to build an argument to the contrary, based on a particular, selective point, is not only misleading, it is false.
CBC's "reality check", while repeating what will no doubt become the Liberal/CBC party line, confirms that tax relief promised by the Tories is hugely higher than that promised by the Liberals: Tories $58.4 billion versus Liberals $33.4 billion.

The simple truth is that the Tories are going to scrap the Liberal's cheap pre-election bribe in order to implement far more extensive and beneficial tax cuts for Canadians. By trying to spin this in a beneficial way for the Liberals, the CBC demonstrates blatant bias toward their Liberal benefactors.

Here's a real "reality check" for anyone considering the partisanship of the CBC (via Conservative Life):

Anyone who thinks that such a disparity in political preferences wont show up in "news coverage" is welcome to put in a bid on a bridge that I still have knocking around somewhere here.

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