Friday, January 27, 2006

Bloggers and politics

Canadianna discusses the role of blogging in the media, beginning with

Darcy of Dust my Broom points to a column in Winnipeg Free Press which, like so many others before it, dismisses political bloggers (conservative bloggers in particular) as the stereotypical 'guy in his pyjamas, typing away in the basement of his mother's home'.

I really don't know why the MSM have this idea of political bloggers being pajama-clad basement denizens. People who live in their parent's basement and spend their time on the computer are going to be playing video games or looking at porn, not reading and discussing current affairs and politics. (Just for the record, my mother lives on another continent, I live in my own house with my wife, and I run my own accounting business).

In fact, I've found many bloggers to be valuable sources of information and perspective. Some of them are in the links and blogrolls to the right. To be sure, you have to keep in mind that what you are reading reflects the blogger's own views and opinions, but that has unfortunately become increasingly true of the mainstream media as well, and at least bloggers don't try to hide this fact behind a facade of faux professionalism and objectivity.

Canadianna concludes:
Bloggers might not change the world or influence the way the public thinks, but it's been heartening to find that there are other people out there whose view of the world isn't skewed left. When assessing the value of any medium, understanding the intentions of its users should be the first step. Professional journalists who discount the importance of political blogs, have approached this from the wrong angle.

My main intention with this blog is simply to have a place to record the many interesting columns and articles I read on the web, so that I can re-visit them in the future without having to search in a futile fashion for hours on end. Sometimes I'll give a bit of opinion on them, sometimes not. If other people read this blog and find the articles referenced interesting, that's a bonus. But I have no pretensions that this blog will be a breaker of news or exercise any political influence whatsoever. It's just a blog, a small part of an active life.


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