Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Birds of a feather.....

One segment of society whose votes the Liberals can count on is incarcerated criminals, as this CP report makes clear.

First question: how in the hell did criminals get to vote? Ah, the Supreme Court felt that it would teach them "democratic values and social responsibility." I wonder if the Supremes are in the market for a really big bridge?

Shane Shoemaker, a first degree murderer, agrees with them, though:

"Most guys in prison feel like outcasts. Voting is kind of a big thing," says Shoemaker, 30, who hails from Calgary.

"You feel like you are contributing to society."
Um, maybe the reason most prisoners feel like outcasts is because they are outcasts! That's because, instead of contributing to society, they've taken from society, degraded society, and taken away the rights of other individuals.

And don't give us any crap about how them voting contributes to society:
Shoemaker, who is into the eighth year of his sentence, says most inmates plan to vote for any party other than the Conservatives.

Prisoners fear the Tories want to make life in prison harsher by taking away comforts such as televisions and stereos, he says. They also believe the Conservatives want to strip them of their right to vote.
Yeah, that's right, they couldn't give a toss about society (still). Their vote will go to the party who is most likely to let them lay around watching TV and listening to stereos at law-abiding taxpayer's expense.

But golly, we'd better go along with it, otherwise:
"We live in a volatile environment and if they start taking these things away from us, it will just create more problems and tensions."
Got that? If we don't give them what they want, there'll be real trouble for us. Sounds exactly like the same attitude which landed them in prison in the first place. Oh wait, criminals aren't responsible for their actions, they're forced into murdering and stealing by big bad society marginalising them. At least, that's what the leftists at the Toronto Stalin would have us believe.
"I am still a human being, I'm still a person. I still have a voice," Shoemaker says.

Unlike the person that he murdered. They aren't a human being any more, they don't have a voice any more, nor will they ever. They wont be able to vote because they wont ever be able to live.
"Regardless of where I am right now, I will be out some day."
Unfortunately that's probably true. We can only hope that one day our politicians grow spines and that "life" starts to really mean life. First degree murderers should never walk our streets again.


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