Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A billion dollar "relocation services" scandal?

That's what appears to be shaping up according to a post at Conservative Life.

Mr. David Chatters (Battle River, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the Minister of Public Works is misleading Canadians. The relocation contract for five years is over $770 million, not the $155 million which he indicated. If the minister is trying to hide the full amount of the contract, what else is he hiding from Parliament? I challenge the minister to prove that the process was open and transparent by tabling all the documents related to the selection process and contract.

Hon. Scott Brison (Minister of Public Works and Government Services, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, this contract is for approximately $155 million. The hon. member may be confusing the information relative to flow through benefits that can go to a range of subcontractors, including real estate agents and appraisers, across the country. I think that is where he is making an error in his question.

But from Contracts Canada it appears that the contract is indeed for a billions dollars.
Contract / Amendment: 24062-020006/001/ZH - 000
$ 1,005,695,401
Dec 18, 2002 (Award Date)

Procurement Method: Competitive
Limited Tender Reason:
Trade Agreement: Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)
Commodity Class:
V502 - Relocation Services
Commodity: V502A - Relocation Services

CTV has reported on this contract back in May 2005:
A billion dollar contract to relocate civil servants across the country is mired in allegations of mismanagement and cronyism so serious that the parliamentary spending watchdog may send it to Canada's Auditor General for review next week.

For more details and background see Conservative Life here and here.
Angry In The Great White North blogs on this here.
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