Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back to Sarmite Bulte

From CTV:

An upcoming fundraiser by film, video game and music executives for Liberal MP Sarmite Bulte has drawn the ire of a prominent Canadian historian.

Jack Granatstein says the $250-a-plate bash is inappropriate for a politician who could spearhead key changes to copyright law if she is re-elected on Jan. 23.

"I worry when any politician, at any time but particularly in an election time, is given a fundraiser by a lobby group,'' said the noted author of more than a dozen books on Canadian politics.

"Politicians should be somewhat more careful than to be seen to be in the pocket of a particular collection of lobbyists on a matter of public importance.''

Bulte's fundraiser, to be held Jan. 19 at the Drake, a trendy downtown hotel, is being held by a consortium of film, book, software and music leaders who've been vigorously lobbying the government to tighten copyright rules to curb downloading and CD burning.
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