Tuesday, January 17, 2006

AFL pitch for NDP candidate in Alberta

The Alberta Federation of Labour is urging its members to support NDP candidate Linda Duncan in a bid to stop Alberta being a blue wash.


Dear fellow union member:

Re: Punish the Liberals sure -
but let's not punish ourselves by voting Conservative

With only a few days left until the federal election on January 23 it has become clear that support for Paul Martin's Liberals has collapsed across the country. As a result, barring a major turn of events, our next Prime Minister will probably be Conservative leader Stephen Harper.

That's why I am writing to you today. Voters like you in Edmonton-Strathcona have an opportunity to buck the trend and send an MP to Ottawa who can go toe-to-toe with the new Conservative government. In particular, you have an opportunity to choose a representative who will stand up and be counted on issues that matter to all of us: like protecting Medicare, preserving programs that help working families and
defending our rights in the workplace. The candidate that I'm talking about is Linda Duncan from the NDP. You may be wondering: a New Democrat MP from Alberta? Is he crazy?

Well, I was considering a sentence containing the word "crazy", but it wasn't a question. It is a good indication of just how low the Liberals have fallen though.

For reference, the 2004 results are here. There will need to be a huge amount of strategic voting for this riding to go NDP. Yeah, yeah, now watch it happen.....


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