Friday, December 02, 2005

Why the US is failing in the information war

Walter Jajko, a retired Air Force brigadier general, tackles the latest bogus scandal of the Left: the Pentagon spending money on placing stories into Iraqi newspapers.

His view:

it's about time. Information is a critical part of any war, and the U.S. has for too long — to its own detriment — ignored this powerful and essential tool, a tool especially well-suited to the globalized Information Age.
He makes the point that the US cannot win the war of ideas by keeping its mouth shut, as has been the case since the end of the Cold War. During the Cold War, the CIA made it a routine practice to own or subsidize media outlets in order to spread US-friendly information or to provide cover for operations. Articles and books were published, and foreign news services infiltrated. This was standard practice in the war of ideas.

The Left doesn't like this practice, but this is because the Left doesn't want any information published that contradicts their own desired version of reality: that of Iraq being nothing but an ignominious failure for America. The Left-leaning Mainstream Media has nothing to complain about, their coverage of Iraq has been largely anti-American propaganda since the commencement of the War.

Polipundit wants Congress to investigate. Investigate the one-sided coverage of the domestic MSM, that is, including why CNN worked as propagandists for Saddam Hussein.

Betsy Newmark hopes to avoid "breathless outrage on all the cable news shows". Don't hold your breathe for that. Ted Kennedy is already slurring on about credibility gaps.


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