Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Washington Post hit-piece on Blogger Bill Roggio

Yesterday's Washington Post contained an ill-disguised attack on the credibility of Bill Roggio, a blogger who was invited by Marines to report from the front lines in Iraq, and who raised over $30,000 to be able to go.

The column fairly blatantly tries to paint Roggio as nothing more than a tool of military propaganda, as is quite obvious from the title and sub-title of the piece. As Roggio states in his response:

The details of my embed are then followed with a discussion on military information operations, the Lincoln Group’s activities in paying for positive articles to be published in Iraqi publications, and the military funding Iraqi radio stations. The implication is clear: a blogger embedding in Iraq must be part of a nefarious scheme by the military to influence the perceptions on Iraq.
Roggio's response also points out a number of important factual inaccuracies in the Post column, as well as discussing how the MSM dishonestly equates the US military's operations to place stories in the Iraqi media to the disinformation campaigns of al-Qaeda.

The reason for this little temper tantrum by the Post should be obvious: it's a manifestation of the MSM's frustration at no longer being the gatekeepers of information, able to skew and spin "news" to fit their own political and social agendas. They have lost their elitist oligopoly, and are responding (completely ineffectually) by trying to smear and discredit the new competition. Maybe this would be more effective if they hadn't so thoroughly discredited themselves first through forgery scandals and blatant partisan bias.

Via Powerline.

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