Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Top Ten Foolish Myths

John Stossel at Real Clear Politics gives his list of the year's Top Ten Foolish Myths. Here they are:

No. 10: Americans have less free time than we used to.
No. 9. Money buys happiness.
No. 8: Republicans shrink government.
No. 7: The world is getting too crowded.
No. 6. Chemicals are killing us.
No. 5: Guns are bad.
No. 4: We're drowning in garbage.
No. 3: We're destroying our forests.
No. 2: Getting cold will give you a cold.
No. 1: Life is getting worse.
I agree with all of them although, as he points out in the explanatory article accompanying them, some of these myths may have a grain of truth in certain circumstances e.g. money can give more happiness to impoverished people.

Certainly the number 1 myth, that life is getting worse, is ridiculous and irritating. It's popular because people are getting more self-indulgent, and that's no myth.


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