Thursday, December 29, 2005

Some reaction to RCMP probe

Since the announcement was made yesterday evening, there is not much comment on the probe in todays papers.

John Ibbitson at the Globe & Mail thinks that this may cost the Liberals the election.

The Toronto Star reporters focus in on how the investigation is likely to refocus the election campaign on Liberal scandals. As an interesting side point in their report, they state that Paul Martin has refused to take questions for two consecutive days now.

In other spheres, Angry In The Great White North has varying reactions from Liberal supporters.

Semi-related, the Toronto Sun contains a story on Stephen Harper pulling ahead in the polls on the issues of trust, vision, and the overall leadership index. Somehow Martin still narrowly leads in the area of competence.

Wishful thinking maybe, but this is starting to feel like a political meltdown in progress.

UPDATE: Edward Morrissey points out that other countries could launch their own investigations, including the SEC in the US.

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