Monday, December 05, 2005

Regime change needed in Europe

So reads the Telegraph's opinion, pointing out that there are six main areas where the EU clashes with the US: "Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Israel, China and what one might loosely call "supra-nationalism" i.e. the UN etc.

On these areas the difference is stark:

In Cuba, Brussels has withdrawn its support for anti-Castro dissidents. In Iran, the EU has pursued a decade-long policy of "constructive engagement" with the ayatollahs. In Iraq, with a few exceptions, Europeans were horrified at the notion of toppling a tyrant by force. In European capitals, unlike in Washington, Israel's status as the region's only democracy is not seen as meritorious.

In China, the EU has not only announced its intention to lift the arms embargo on Beijing, but is also actively collaborating with the Communists on a satellite system called Galileo, designed to challenge what Jacques Chirac calls the "technological imperialism" of America's GPS. And, when it comes to international bodies, the US is almost alone in taking the view that elected politicians are more legitimate than global technocrats and human-rights lawyers.
The pattern is clear: the US supports freedom and democracy, the EU supports or collaborates with ruling elites and tyrants, usually acting against American interests. So why is America so accomodating to Europe? Probably because of the left-over mentality of the cold-war. But it's time that America started taking a harder line with the autocrats of the EU, before they go too far along the road to serfdom for all of us.

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